Greatest Modern Restaurants at Belgrade

Belgrade is a town with no shortage of tasty restaurants. While Serbian cuisine is tasty, hearty, and inexpensive, the food culture is slowly still shifting in the funding of Serbia.

Greatest Modern Restaurants at Belgrade



Here we’ve narrowed it down into our top 4 choices, although there are numerous places which can be considered as one of the greatest contemporary restaurants in Belgrade. These restaurants will be the embodiment of the foodie culture that is sweeping through Balkan states like Serbia. Forget traditional, these restaurants have contemporary flavors.

Radost House

Having a interior dominated overlooking the Sava River and energized from live jazz, Iguana is the best location for dinner with friends, company meetings, or romantic dates. The restaurant includes a split level dining room as well as seating.  To the left, a live jazz behave livens the disposition. To the right, bartenders are busy behind the bar counter that is long.  The vibe at Iguana is elegant and tasteful and also the sweetest wine selection is excellent! The menu abounds with international combination foods infused with taste like sesame, soy, and miso glaze, which makes it one of the best contemporary restaurants in Belgrade. Specialties of the house include their own chocolate soufflé, steak with wasabi, and grilled tuna with avocado salsa. Iguana is available everyday for lunch and dinner. *Reservations required. WATCH VIDEO


Homa took Belgrade with its gourmet tasting menus, minimalist decoration, and ingredients by surprise.  The surprise is much appreciated, and that’s the restaurant, which presents a idea that was gastronomic and both tourists and locals of all Belgrade. Yes, the rates are somewhat hot and it is possible you have never heard of some of the ingredients mentioned at the menu, but the elegant ambiance and the tastes make it worth the money. White walls and tables create the air. In the summer, beneath hanging lanterns, diners can sit and mingle outside. The food is the real star here; a mix of international and local ingredients served up in 8 memorable courses.  If had South American and Thai specialties, the most valued dishes being lamb skewers, duck confit and braised pork neck. *Reservations required.

Greatest Modern Restaurants at Belgrade

Among the very few vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade, or at Serbia for this matter, is Radost Fina Kuhinjica (known only as Radost House). It could be difficult to get the location since there’s absolutely not any sign outside to keep it but when you do you’ll be rewarded with food and an inviting setting of decoration. Radost House isn’t your vegetarian restaurant. Rather, the kitchen elevates the ingredients with a vast selection of spices and methods. Forget the cardboard veggie burgers you have had previously. Those here are cooked to perfection cooked and hot, hearty. The menu at Radost House is affected by Thai and gastronomy. Our favorite dishes comprise quesadillas, the Thai soup , Indian dahl, and the hearty salads. As you browse the menu, ask for a selection of drops with your bread. We love that the menu is changing to incorporate veggies. *Reservations required.