Staying Connected in Turkey with Zendure

Earlier this month (April 2017) I headed to Turkey to attend to the INFLOW travel summit in Istanbul for three times and subsequently spent three awesome times at Antalya, Turkey’s biggest international hotel town. I teamed up with Zendure to make sure I stayed connected throughout the excursion. If my phone runs out of charge constantly hectic trips such as these, where I’m running from meeting to meeting, then over town, are.

To avoid the bother of lugging around I teamed up with Zendure to try out a number of their A-Series Portable Chargers on the road. They have 6 sizes, to the A8 which fees a times , from the A1 that may charge phones once.

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Staying Connected in Turkey with Zendure

The A2 was small enough to carry along with me while researching the ancient city of Perge and lounging on the shore in the Gloria Hotel in Antalya. I might have just as easily taken over the more compact A1, however, I wished to be 100% convinced that my phone would become charged so I would upgrade my Instagram and receive calls.

The A4 and A5 are excellent if you are likely to take a road trip or traveling by plane for hours and will need to charge more than one device. They are not super bulky fit into my backpack.

However, my personal favorite is that the bad boy, the A8, that has the capability to charge your cellphone 9 days before needing to recharge the apparatus. Here is the perfect mobile charger if you are taking a long trip such as mine Miami –> Istanbul (13 hours and time spent on airports). When you are attached to your phone as far as I am for company, you are going to be pleased you brought over the additional battery life power.

Influencers and other photographers that I traveled with took advantage of my Zendure A8 charger to charge their phones up at precisely the exact same time. Within our market, our smart phones have been our livelihood, so staying joined with any signifies is paramount.

After having a week at Turkey virtually plug-less with my Zendure chargers, a few other scenarios came to mind by which they would come in handy: camping, safaris (many camps operate on generator power so that you won’t have the ability to plug more than any digital in at a time), work meetings, and through course and areas where there is not a plug in any way, such as ancient Roman ruins in southern Turkey.

Staying Connected in Turkey with Zendure

I always like to present you products which help us traveling brighter and safer. The Zendure chargers receive an A!

I partnered with Zendure. All comments are my ownpersonal.

Staying Connected in Turkey with Zendure