VIDEO: Local Surinamese Food + Crazy Road Trip & Hike to Browns-Mountain Waterfalls | Brownsweg, Suriname

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To Browns-Mountain from the Brownsberg Nature Park, I was on my way after a long Trip from Isadou Island back into Brownsweg, Suriname.

VIDEO: Local Surinamese Food + Crazy Road Trip & Hike to Browns-Mountain Waterfalls | Brownsweg, Suriname

Come along with me and my manual Imro on a crazy road trip and also a hike that is mad to waterfalls and because we like any Surinamese food!

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Out of Jenny Tours setting out in a major truck driven by a guy named Rias of the town of Brownsweg the latest leg of my Surinamese adventures began with me and my boy Imro. I had to rise through the driver’s hands and there were other passengers on the trunk. The ride will take us an hour!

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The road up the mountain was filled with potholes and muddy. It was very bumpy. Because there was a car ahead of us who has been stuck in the mud we had to quit for a little. After they obtained un-stuck, we continued on, but the streets did not get far better. We found the other car stuck.

We continued over a jungle trail that was lush. As we continued on, the street was hit one side, but our driver knew exactly what he was doing. It was probably the worst road I have ever been around. It’s not for individuals that get! After an hour, we reached the campsite atop the 500-meter-tall mountain. I could not wait to hike!

Instead, get some extraordinary views of the reservoir in Stone Island and we decided to hold off on lunch to get a couple of hours. The view was unbelievable. There are a whole good deal of trees and you’ll be able to see how enormous the lake is everywhere. From there, Imro and I went on a hike to search for some waterfalls!

VIDEO: Local Surinamese Food + Crazy Road Trip & Hike to Browns-Mountain Waterfalls | Brownsweg, Suriname

The street filled with potholes with dirty water within them and was super. I had to be super careful in my sneakers! We followed a trail and left the street. The trail wasn’t bad. It went downhill and has been way much better than walking through the mud. I could listen to the critters!

We reached a view where we could see Brownsweg. We continued on and approached our first waterfall. The path got dangerous and steep as people went. There has been a rope strung to help keep yourself stable! The rise to waterfalls that are Browns-Mountain was a real experience!

The waterfall was about 30 meters high and splashes on the rocks and is completely worth the trek. Then, we turned around to go to the waterfall! It would take us 45 minutes to get back, plus another 30 minutes into the drops. If it wasn’t to the rope, the trek up could be dangerous. We stopped for also to catch our breath and some water.

The trail was steep. Going was worse than going down, but it is also a fantastic workout. You ought to keep moving into the jungle. Fleas will begin attacking you. We had to make our way down another steep path to get to the next falls. It wasn’t as bad as the last one. There’s a whole lot of mud to the drops, but they were worth it because they’re so lovely! They had 3 or 4 tiers in total!

I finished my hike into waterfalls off by splashing on some stream water and took a drink of some. After a brutal 90-minute increase back into the campsite, we got some lunch! It consisted of Parbo bier, and chicken , rice, coleslaw. The beer was so refreshing!

VIDEO: Local Surinamese Food + Crazy Road Trip & Hike to Browns-Mountain Waterfalls | Brownsweg, Suriname

The chicken and rice curry were fine and creamy. I also enjoyed the chicken. It was yummy and refreshing. The coleslaw was very great. It had no Mayo and was oil, pepper, and cabbage. I loved how crunchy and moist it was. It turned out to be a standard Surinamese lunch and has been healthy. I also tried!

I hope you appreciated coming in my road trip and hike to Browns-Mountain waterfalls! If you did, please give it a thumbs up and make a comment under. Also, please consult with my YouTube channel so that you don’t miss any of my upcoming travel/food adventures!

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