7 Interesting Facts About Barcelona

Barcelona weekend breaks have been popular with travelers from all over the planet. One of the most trendy and most popular beach side cities, most of Spain come to enjoy the beautiful climate, vibrant nightlife and laid back setting. Listed below are seven facts about the town which you might have been entirely unaware of.

It has the street in Spain

Portal p l’Angel, the city’s primary shopping street is thought to be busiest street in all of Spain. An endless flow of tourists pass through 365 days of the season, this street, stopping at boutique shops and the most high end retailers.

7 Interesting Facts About Barcelona

Las Ramblas isn’t just one Road

There are traces of the Spanish Civil War

The most iconic street in the city is your first stop for most travelers and stretches two km. This boulevard is nestled with heaps of restaurants and pubs in the Quarter. One thing is that this is really made.

The city is home to 12 abandoned (and haunted) underground Channels

There’s still a haunting reminder of the brutality that took place, although the Spanish Civil War took place almost 80 decades ago. The church of Sant Felip Neri is just one such case, which has holes embedded out of gun shots.

The Memorial in Catalonia is FC Barcelona Museum

These metro stations were used for commuter and subway trains but have since been abandoned and turned into a significant attraction for lovers of the paranormal. Special tours are supplied throughout the year to people brave enough to head deep into the city’s underground.

7 Interesting Facts About Barcelona

The Shores are man-made

Millions of football fans from all over the globe see with this famed museum which celebrates the accomplishments of a few. Founded in 1899, the impressive decoration collection of the club can be marveled at by lovers.

Gaudi Wasn’t the Primary choice for architect of La Sagrada Familia

Prior to the 1992 Olympics which the city hosted, a lot of the city comprised of local businesses which were moved to make the area more tourist friendly. There are now seven beaches to select from along with the town has been awarded with the title of best beach town in the world by National Geographic.

The most iconic landmark of barcelona might have looked very different. The layout was commissioned to Francisco de Paula del Villar. He soon retired Though Villar’s layout was used for the job as it commenced in 1882 and Antoni Gaudi chose his place. The design was immediately changed into the sight that we see today.

Barcelona is filled with surprises and with all these attractions, it is but one of the most exciting cities.

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